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Dermatology Specialist Care for every person in your family.

My name is Randy Jacobs, M.D. Your skin is a bodily organ that is expected to be not only healthy, but also lovely and touchable. Think about it, you never hear anyone say, "My, she has an attractive liver." But, you will hear, "That lady has the most beautiful skin." This is what true dermatology is all about, always giving you the gift of beautiful skin. Simply stated, dermatology is the fine medical art of healthy skin that is both comfortable to live in and delightful to look at.

As a dermatologist, I know of nothing lovelier than to see my patients glow with the gift of well cared for skin. You can have plastic surgery and use the finest cosmetics, but your skin will never show its fullest health and beauty until it is well moisturized, healed from the damaging effects of sun, weather, and age, and free of infection and inflammation. This gift of healthy skin can be yours. The secret is time, patience, and the right people to guide you.

When the exposures of life overwhelm you, and time takes its toll, your skin will need help. Who do you call if you have skin problems? You should see a true dermatologist. The difference is education. A dermatologist is a medical specialist who is trained to understand your skin from the inside out; in a way that other skin practitioners are not. A genuine dermatologist has focused three or more years of residency training specifically on human skin. No other medical doctor or other specialist dedicates this much focused educational time to caring for your skin in both health and disease.

What can you expect from a dermatologist? Dermatology is a visual medical specialty in which the doctor simply looks and makes a diagnosis. Because of this visual basis, dermatology office visits are sometimes quick. Just as a radiologist can look at an x-ray to diagnose a fracture, a dermatologist can look at your skin under a light or under a microscope and can make a visual analysis. If the diagnosis is not clear, the dermatologist can order special blood tests, hormone tests, allergy tests, cultures, and biopsies for clarification. Five minutes with a true dermatologist can save you many hours of uncertain guessing.

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